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Current Services

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Our Approach

The Intentional Justice Method™

Simply put, it’s taking bite-sized and deliberate action every damn day! 

There’s no right way. It’s intentionally designing for Liberation as heart-centered humans leading our own journey of Justice & Joy.

This is a revolutionary act of LOVE!

Lovelution Workshops

Let Jillian “Mama J” Love take the guesswork out of how to get started on an array of topics 💫  Learn more about our 2-hour workshops and rates here!

Ready to enable individuals and groups to feel safe, respected, heard, engaged, motivated, and valued for who they are?

Inclusion Audit

Inclusion is a… “dynamic state of feeling, belonging, and operating in which diversity is leveraged and valued to create a fair, healthy, and high-performing organization or community.”

The Centre for Global Inclusion

Your Justice & Joy Inclusion Audit delivers:

    • Align Outcomes: During your initial 45-minute Intentional Justice Session, we’ll clarify your stuck points with inclusion and how this audit will close the gap.

    • Mama J Reviews 5 Core Documents of Your Choosing with 3 Primary Lenses:

      1. Anti-Blackness / White Supremacy Culture

      2. Heteronormative / Anti-Homophobia

      3. Intersectionality
    • Feedback & Recommendations: Delivered in your closing 45-minute Intentional Justice Session

    • 30 days of Audit Feedback Q&A Support via Voxer

The Lovelution Sessions

Combining inner reparenting work with anti-racism work, we will begin with a 60-minute strategy session to focus on bite-sized ways you can break ancestral patterns for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Select Your Pricing Tier

Each tier aligns with Lovelution Inc’s values. Learn more about our Abundance Pricing Model to select the right pricing tier for you…

$425 per session

$275 per session

$125 per session

3- and 6-month packages are available after your initial session based on mutual agreement establish a coaching relationship or you can choose to pay as you go. Your commitment to the work will create the transformation you seek.

Justice & Joy for Teams

With Jillian “Mama J” Love as your guide, you along with 3-5 peers in your organization will get to practice how to use Liberatory Design to solve your organization’s top equity challenge. 


In this 90-day container, you will…

  • Relearn how to incorporate an equity outcome in your organizational and/or team efforts

  • See the System in order to A-C-T

    • Awareness
    • Communication
    • Transparency
  • Deliberate Action: Imagine what is possible with bite-sized steps

The Justice of finding Joy in this work!


Radical Noire

A Group Program with Jadesireé

Coming Soon...

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