Mama J Love

Founder + Designer

Jillian "Mama J" Love

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  • A knowledgeable and experienced leader, strategist, and thinking partner with an intersectional meets an interdisciplinary approach to the work. 

  • Rooted in the practice of “holding up the mirror while looking out the window” to explore how self-awareness is essential to building relationships and community. 

  • A lived and professional experience of workplace harm and trauma guides this work.

“With individual and organizational clients, Mama J connects DEI & Sustainability to co-design a roadmap towards equity and Justice by combining inner reparenting work with anti-racism work.”

Love-Tucker Family
Most mornings you’ll find Jillian with a cup of coffee amidst living and loving the dance of motherhood, leadership, and business with her daughter, Jaylin, and partner, Kari.

Intentional Justice™

Mama J's Dream

That folx realize that there’s no QUICK FIX or standard checklist❣️Instead, embrace the complexity of Justice work. I have made it my mission to disrupt, divorce, and dismantle Supremacy* and its practices with bite-sized deliberate actions every damn day! Equity & Justice becomes real with prototyping, practice, and iteration ♻

*White Supremacist, patriarchal, colonialist, heteronormative, capitalist mindset.

Lovelution League

How to work with Mama J

The work is constantly evolving, so…

Mama J Love
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